Top Three Forex Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2023

Top Three Forex Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2023
May 23, 2023

Affiliate marketing has taken over the internet as one of the most sustainable ways to create an income stream. It is a way to generate traffic and turn them into leads for earnings either as an individual or an affiliate company. In the trading context, affiliates promote the products and services of a broker and earn a commission from each transaction.

To succeed in the highly competitive Forex industry, you must constantly upgrade your affiliate marketing knowledge and strategy. This ever-evolving industry requires you to stay up-to-date with the new affiliate marketing techniques to stay afloat in the competition. 

Want to be a successful affiliate marketer in 2023? Get to know the latest affiliate marketing trends and upgrade your game.

Partner with Compliant Influencers 

Social media has become the most popular digital marketing and social interaction method. Today, it’s probably the absolute advertising and social marketing platform, most notably TikTok and Instagram. Thus, advertising your affiliate broker’s products or services on social media is a wise strategy and can have a massive impact on the outcome.

The great thing is you don’t have to start an account from scratch and build your audience excruciatingly slowly. You can find established personas on those platforms and partner up with them to grow your affiliate network.

Influencers with large numbers of followers can be a true asset to your marketing strategy by bringing significant organic traffic and spreading brand awareness about the broker you wish to promote. 

A partnership with an influencer for the purposes of affiliate marketing can also be cost-effective. Nano or micro-influencers (with up to 25k followers) usually have affordable rates, while having a big enough reach to make a difference for your affiliate goals. 

Bear in mind, though, that you must partner with an influencer who complies with and follows the marketing guidelines.

Third-Party Cookies

The use of cookies has been in place since the invention of the internet. It is the only way for businesses or individual professionals to track purchases, making it an invaluable marketing tool for your affiliate business. 

Contextual targeting is an advanced form of marketing that allows marketers to select from an array of sponsored content to be displayed on a user’s screen based on the content they’re viewing. 

Cookies constitute an indication of consumer behaviour and patterns. Marketers can create customised, targeted ads for their products and services by studying the cookies and using them as guidance (in line with marketing guidelines). When consumers see ads of their preference, they are more likely to click on them and make a purchase.

Cross-Device Synchronisation

The advancement of technology brought a number of different devices we can use for our daily tasks. Mobile devices are, of course, the leading method but others are used as frequently too.

Today, online phone shopping has dominated consumer behaviour, even in the Forex context. According to some brokers, more than 20% of all trades are executed on mobile devices.  

Cross-device tracking is used for customised, targeted ads to specific clients. Thus, synchronising one’s devices appears very beneficial for your affiliate marketing strategy. However, the matching of the client’s devices must be done correctly to avoid unwanted or irrelevant ads.

The top three 2023 forex affiliate marketing trends in a nutshell:

Forex affiliate marketing remains a profitable yet competitive industry. So long as you implement the most up-to-date marketing techniques, you can increase your affiliate network and income. So, here are the major trends in 2023:

  • Partnership with Compliant Influencers – social media influencers have established large followings, so partnering with them can be extremely beneficial and cost-effective for your affiliate audience and your broker.
  • Third-Party Cookies – understand consumer behaviour with the cookies policy and give your potential clients targeted ads about Forex services and products they cannot resist. 
  • Cross-Devices Synchronisation – don’t miss out on a potential client by failing to match all of their devices. People often trade on their phones, as well as other devices and by synchronising all of their devices means that your customised ads will always reach them.

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