Partner Raymond Y. Talks Investing, Payouts & Traffic Monetisation

Partner Raymond Y. Talks Investing, Payouts & Traffic Monetisation
November 22, 2018

Raymond K. Yudi’s partnership with leading Forex/CFD broker BDSwiss is counting more than 3 years and taking the opportunity of BDSwiss’ attempt for expansion in Asia, we managed to obtain this exclusive interview:


– Tell us a little bit about yourself… How did you first become interested in the industry?

I started to be interested in forex in 2005 because I was looking for an independent job to do at home. After some difficult early years, I am now an independent trader and operate daily on currencies, indices and commodities. Since 2013 I have been interested in automated trading and some of my strategies are now fully automated and applicable through EAs. Naturally, I realised that there was true potential in online trading so I started sharing my experience with others. Being in the industry for quite some time, I heard about IBs and decided to gather the necessary requirements and start working as an introducing broker.


– Why did you choose to partner with BDSwiss?

Initially, I explored a number of options and worked with several brokers as I wanted to find a broker that could offer the best possible trading conditions to my clients and keep me satisfied. Yes, that’s right, my clients come first. I wasn’t looking for crazy commission plans, because as I realised over the years, most of the brokers that promise unrealistic payouts fall short on their promises. I was looking for a stable income with the potential to grow, but most importantly I wanted a broker who would keep my clients trading in the long run. BDSwiss combines all the qualities of a solid reputable broker: high-profile clientele, sound market reputation, fair trading conditions, transparent regulation and bespoke support.


-Do you know your clients or do you work online?

In our days, online marketing can move mountains and has a potential for a great reach. Talking for myself though, I prefer more traditional approach. All of my clients appreciate the personal support I can provide them and love to follow my market analysis. This also means of course that a great percentage of my clients are knowledgeable, high profile traders who understand the benefits of trading and are looking to invest with a transparent and regulated broker that offers fair trading conditions. I go out of my way to make sure that I am there for my clients. I try to get their account up and running as soon as possible, I update them on market news and how to properly apply all of the available tools provided by BDSwiss to capitalise on major trends.


– What was your course as a partner when working with BDSwiss?

Since I became an IB for BDSwiss the payouts have doubled. It is common knowledge in the forex industry that a trader has an “expiry date” of sorts, there is a lifespan for each client and the goal is to stretch out that lifespan as much as possible by keeping traders engaged. BDSwiss knows how to keep its clients’ interest, they run sophisticated marketing campaigns, introduce new products and tradable assets and even develop their own native apps and platforms in house. Also, the fact that they are always expanding and investing in branding gives me broader reach to new audiences. Plus, my clients are already familiar with BDSwiss as it has an international presence and appeal as a brand. What is moe, their partners platform is clean and intuitive, allowing me to have a clear understanding of my earnings and payments are always on time. I also find the exchange rate from dollar to euro that takes place at the time of payment very professional using precisely the current quotation.


– In your experience, what does it take for someone to become an affiliate or IB?

The Forex/CFD market is a multi-trillion dollar industry, which means that there’s definitely potential to make some profit as an IB or affiliate. The most important requirement is having a presence whether online or offline but it is also crucial to know your audience. Are they familiar with online trading? The biggest mistake partners make is to introduce an unsuspected audience to a market they know nothing about. You need to think strategically. In order to sell a product it is important that you know everything there is to know about it. Take the time to properly introduce your audience to your product – that is online trading.


What would you say to those interested in becoming a BDSwiss Partner?

You have come to the right place! BDSwiss has all the tools to help you succeed whether you are an experienced or amateur broker. They have the education, the brand identity, the right audience and it doesn’t hurt that they pay good commissions on time either. Their affiliate team in Berlin will be on hand to give you individual support and help you with your marketing efforts. My tip to any affiliate or IB looking to partner with BDSwiss is: use the tools that are so readily available to you. They have massive amounts of helpful educational materials and marketing tools. If you set the right foundation, build a solid online or offline presence, use your broker’s tools to educate your audience and keep them engaged – then you can enjoy a steady stream of passive income for the long run!