Affiliate & IB Forex Marketing Trends In South East Asia

Affiliate & IB Forex Marketing Trends In South East Asia
November 21, 2018

Swiss Markets’ Director of Operations Gives His Exclusive Insights On Forex Partner Opportunities in South East Asia, in an Exclusive Interview Featured on Finance Magnates.

Southeast Asia is currently one of the most promising emerging markets for Forex/CFD brokers and their partners alike. With new audiences to be explored and an ever-rising demand for online trading products, Southeast Asia is currently one of the most promising regions for affiliates and introducing brokers. But how exactly can Forex partners expand their business in this burgeoning region and what are the challenges that they may face?

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Chris Papageorgiou, Director of Operations of Swiss Markets

Director of Operations of the Swiss Markets brand ,Chris Papageorgiou shared his exclusive insights on partner opportunities in Southeast Asia in an exclusive interview with Finance Magnates. The interview touched upon the latest trends and challenges of the most burgeoning market for partners in 2018-2019. As Chris Papageorgiou notes, localised business development in Southeast Asia is thriving.

“With a population of almost 650 million people, Southeast Asia is a vast and highly promising emerging market that has relatively recently been introduced to the forex industry. The rapid economic expansion of different nations in Southeast Asia has brought about an increasing interest in online investments and trading Forex and CFD products.”

Partners interested in venturing into Southeast Asia, should also consider the challenges. As Chris Papageorgiou notes this is a fast-growing demanding market that is looking to trade with some of the most reliable and transparent brokers. There are a lot of fairly new and not well regulated brokers, that may not be able to provide the security, transparency and solid reputation required for high-end partners. What is more, brokers are facing numerous considerations regarding liquidity provision and maintaining relationships with the local banks in the region. It is therefore highly beneficial for brokers to have a local presence in Southeast Asia, ideally with manned offices in central locations.

“For brokers, contracting business with banks and liquidity providers without a local presence in Southeast Asia is nearly impossible. Local brokerage houses can only obtain liquidity and trading lines via local and registered market makers. In addition, domestic houses can secure exclusive credit arrangements that non-local brokers cannot compete with.”

Partnering with the right broker is therefore key for IBs and affiliates looking to venture into Southeast Asia. Ideally, their broker of choice needs to maintain local offices in the region and have an already established market presence. It is also important to partner with a broker that can offer your referrals a transparent and secure trading environment,

In terms of partner trends, Chris notes that Southeast Asia is a largely IB oriented region, with clients opting for a face to a face approach when it comes to choosing a forex broker to trade with. However, 2018 has seen a rapid increase in online Southeast Asia traffic.

“I think this translates into a very promising and highly unexplored market for online affiliates and IBs alike. The most popular channels for affiliates seeking to target Southeast Asia traffic are through educational forums or websites and well-established social media platforms such as Facebook. In fact, Facebook is a key driver of growth across the region with Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam boasting more than 250 million users combined.”

The most prevalent niches when it comes to targeting Southeast Asia as a Forex partner revolve around education as Chris reveals. This is a new audience of demanding Fin-Tech adopters that are curious to learn everything there is to know about Forex / CFD trading. They are looking into educational courses and videos, broker reviews, comparison websites, professional trader strategies by influencers, youtubers and bloggers and of course news sites and social pages that can keep them up to date with what is happening in the financial markets. When it comes to Introducing Brokers, educational seminars, workshops and gatherings can be a very effective tool when it comes to promoting forex and CFD trading to Southeast Asia audiences.

Swiss Markets’ robust partner network in Southeast Asia was a catalyst to the broker’s network-building efforts in the region. As Chris Papageorgiou reveals the cornerstone was set with the founding of new Swiss Markets offices in the heart of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.

“Having a local presence in Southeast Asia gave us an immense competitive advantage. We established an all-star multi-lingual team that introduced our products through a series of regional seminars and expanded our broader business development efforts in Southeast Asia. At Swiss Markets, we believe in sharing our experience with our partners and in supporting them every step of the way. We therefore choose to use in house support centers that comprise of experienced business developers instead of using of local call centers that cannot truly cater to our Partners’ needs.”

The BDSwiss Group, which includes both BDSwiss & Swiss Markets brands boasts a long-standing market reputation when it comes to product innovation, optimal support and full transparency. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the BDSwiss Partner’s Program is enjoying great success in the Southeast. As Chris notes in his interview, the BDSwiss Group supports partners venturing into Southeast Asia with a full Partners Support Kit that includes localised marketing material, 24/5 dedicated support, local events and seminars, and innovative products and promotions to increase conversion and client engagement.

When it comes to remuneration, the BDSwiss Group maintains fair and transparent payment policies and procedures that keep their partners motivated to build long and fruitful collaborations. With unparalleled conversion rates of up to 37% and fully customisable payout plans, the BDSwiss Group presents some truly unique and lucrative opportunities for partners seeking to expand their reach.

“We offer our partners customised solutions, enabling them to create their own payout plans and ensure that we have the latest tools in place to help our partners keep track of their progress. Our partners understand that by signing up with us, they become part of the BDSwiss Group family. They don’t even consider switching to another broker, because they feel it’s just so easy and profitable to work with us.”


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