Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Pros & Market Trends for 2019

Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Pros & Market Trends for 2019
November 23, 2018

As a forex affiliate marketer understanding your audience and what they are looking for can help you better determine the channels through which to approach your traffic. There is a vast number of different traffic sources you can tap into. The question is which are the best traffic sources to use when it comes to targeting potential Forex and CFD traders and how can you best use these channels to attract quality leads.


What are your existing traffic sources?
Tracing the origin of each visit or session to your website is the first step to take when it comes to determining the most effective traffic sources. By understanding what your key website traffic sources are and which traffic sources are converting the most, you’ll be able to truly optimise your overall monetization strategy. That being said, there a number of major traffic sources that are rising in popularity in 2018 and onwards, and if used correctly they can help you attract high quality Forex, CFD traffic that will translate to a healthy number of FTDs and increase your commissions as an affiliate.


Search Traffic
When it comes to search traffic, Paid Ads or PPC and Organic Search Traffic should be your two constant concerns as a forex affiliate marketer. The key to attracting high forex converting traffic with search ads like Google Ads is really pinning down what your audience is likely to be googling for.

As far as Adwords is concerned, your Cost Per Click (CPC) is determined by the keyword you’re bidding for, and just how relevant your website and ad are to that specific keyword. The forex trading sphere can virtually cover almost any term related to finance and investing which means you may be able to find targeted keywords that are aligned with your websites niches and offer a healthy return on investment.  It is also important to keep mind that while Google is the most visited website on earth, there are other online traffic sources for search engines out there like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and many more

When it comes to Organic Traffic or traffic which comes directly from the search engine; the chances of conversion are 7 times higher. Having your website rank on the first page of Google for any online trading related search requires carefully curated content, consistency and good SEO skills but it definitely pays off! Google’s organic search listing is immensely powerful and can bring you a completely free source of quality forex trading traffic!


Social Traffic

There are tons of social networks available to buy trading related traffic, but as a Forex partner you definitely need to consider which are the best ones to run your ads or publish your content on. The social media platforms that you choose to use need to have a pre-existing audience interested in online forex and CFD trading. Channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are used by a healthy number of people interested in forex, finance and overall investing.

Once you find your key channels, it is crucial to set up your account and profiles correctly as social media channels can be a source of both organic and paid traffic. Targeting your audience is also key, so you will need to take into consideration what would be the key demographics, interests,  age, etc. of your potential forex traffic. This will enable you to tailor ads around a specific user base.

A geo with a great deal of untapped potential when it comes to Forex and CFD products is South East Asia. Tailoring your social channels and ads to target these regions can help you tap into a fresh, tech-savvy audience that is increasingly growing interested in forex and CFD trading products and platforms…

For forex affiliate marketers seeking to target Southeast Asia traffic, educational forums and well-established social media platforms such as Facebook are the strongest traffic sources. In fact, Facebook is a key driver of growth across the region with Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam boasting more than 250 million users combined!

Mobile Traffic
Mobile traffic is currently the fastest-growing traffic source on earth. 5 years ago we couldn’t imagine advertising in developing countries! Now these countries love smart phones, which makes them an untapped audience with immense conversion potential. Mobile as a forex trading traffic source allows advertising in such untapped markets globally, allowing for cheap advertising spend with high ROIs. It is also important to remember that in developing geos access to a mobile phone is far easier than to a computer.

Remember that plenty of traffic sources like Facebook and Google have both desktop and mobile traffic. Ensuring that your website or ad is being displayed properly on all cell phones or how fast it’s loading can be a challenge to optimize for many affiliates. But the ROI potential is huge!

When it comes to mobile advertising, you can opt for:
– Popunders
– Redirects (users land on a specific URL and are instantly redirected to your lander)
– Push Notifications
– Banner/Display


Global Mobile Advertising Spending Forecast, 2013-2019

Source: eMarketer

Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of forex affiliate marketers are opting for mobile ads over web ads as the mobile realm allow for cheaper ad spends with higher revenues. Some of the most popular mobile advertising platforms include Millennial Media, iAd from Apple and AdMob from Google and they are very easy to use. Contrary to popular belief mobile media really isn’t really that complex, it actually works just like social media or paid web ads with the only difference being that the delivery mechanism is a smartphone or a tablet computer instead of a PC.


Final Thoughts
When it comes to forex affiliate marketing, paid traffic is very effective and can have a huge ROI potential if you do it right. It is always important to remember to constantly track your advertising campaign and to continuously optimize it based on the data you receive from your ad network. The key to making profit with paid advertising is proper strategy, tracking everything and continuously optimizing your ad campaigns to ensure best possible performance!